What is this….Gneiss Life you speak of?

Welcome to Gneiss Life, my name is Dennis but you can call me Dr. Gneiss Guy. I am a father, geologist, goof ball and lover of this earth.

This is a blog that documents elements of experiences in family life, science, DIY and travel. These four sectors have shaped and continue to shape the person I am. Whether going on an epic trek across Chobia Pass or just taking a hike with my kids, the outdoors have always attracted me. Gneiss Life

You ever wondered about how gravity works, well if your answer is yes… me too!!! Science has always been a source of intrigue and wonder for me– channeling my inner Neil DeGrasse-Tyson I guess. Gneiss Life

When I was all of seven years old my father had me shadowing him as he changed the oil, breaks, engine components, air filters and more in his daily driver, building elements of the Gneiss Life I have been blessed to enjoy. The lessons learned with my father has given me skills and courage to tackle (or attempt to) many DIY projects around the house and garage. Let me share some with you. Gneiss Life

Gneiss Life is all of us.

I have had the humbling opportunity to travel to many countries through family vacations and my Ph.D. research. The ability to see many different people with unique ways of living their individual life. I give much respect to the cultures I’ve encountered, and am very gracious to have met many people along the way.  Here I will document and discuss many of my life experiences and the people that have made it so rewarding. Everyone has something beautiful to share about their life. You don’t have to have been on an epic journey to have built an experience that is meaningful. As you explore GneissLife.com I encourage you to share and comment about your own related experiences.

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