Gneiss Life 30 Day Abs What?

So yes, there is this 30 Day Abs Challenge I started this week. Thing is, I am promoting it as a way for us all to get our tummies right. Thus far I have had a good amount of participation from some good friends and strangers. I appreciate it. You all are awesome.

Why it got started

See the reason I wanted to do an Abs challenge is that the core is extremely important to overall health and posture. Back in 2010, I started to have some serious back issues. I’m talking crooked tree trunk. I place the blame on bad posture during tireless hours reading research papers in grad school. My grad school colleagues and I used to walk to group dinner once a week from the department building and needless to say, I was in the back of the pack hobbling due to this back pain. This same pain had to travel nearly 24 hours to India for a research trip. No fun feeling like a sardine through trans-Atlantic flights. It wasn’t the most pleasant physical experience but I got through it. Where is my merit badge?

Flash forward to 2016, I had back surgery to soothe the ailments of a herniated disc between my L4-L5 vertebrae. I often think that I could have avoided much of that discomfort with a stronger core, abdominal and back muscles.

So here we are at this moment. Primed to crush the Gneiss Life 30 Day Abs Challenge. One warning though…have fun. I don’t want to be bent out of shape about an ab challenge, and I don’t want others to either. Therefore, I tried my best to make this challenge as stress-free as possible. How? By allowing you to pick your program or to pick mine below. But first, there are a couple of “Must Have” action items.


A no brainer. If your intent is to get shredded you will need cardio. So you can do high-intensity interval training (HIIT); sprint work; or you can do what you feel is best for you at the moment.  Now on with it!


Another no brainer. Abs aren’t going to mysteriously appear out of thin air. Like a good friend of mine said, abs are made in the kitchen. We will have to eat well. So think, lean, green and protein!


I hope you don’t need me to explain the importance of this. Get a half gallon in you at least, each day.


The actual work to the mid section. You need to apply resistance to your midsection for it to experience actual work. has a host of ab workouts you can try or like stated above, do my workout.

Now on with it!

My workout:

  • 2 Mile run every day
    • Basically just clock in 14 miles in a week
  • Five Days a Week:
    • Grab a Ab workout, or
    • 1000 Crunches x 1000 Broomstick Oblique Reps
  • Nutrition (per day):
    • One gallon of water a day (minimum)
    • 1800-2500 calories
    • 100-170 grams of protein
    • 150 grams of carbohydrates (maximum)
    • 50 grams of fat (max)

Here is my before picture… The after picture will be loaded at the end of the challenge. Go crush it people!!

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Okay midsection, but definition is not really “defined”









If you want to submit your own “before/after” pictures, please use the submit button below and you will be navigated to the upload form. The pictures will then be posted in wrap up article displaying your awesome results!



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Christopher · September 2, 2017 at 8:47 AM

I’m on it. I’ve already logged 8 miles this week.

    Dr. Gneiss Guy · September 2, 2017 at 10:53 AM

    Chris thanks for taking part. That is good work. I need to knock out some more tonight myself. 22 mins should be 3 miles for me. Trying to fit it in is hard sometimes.

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