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  1. Free coffee – The work week can start pretty rough. We know that very well. So to take the edge off, every Monday Gneiss Life orders Starbucks coffee for a lucky subscriber to say thanks for supporting us.
  2. Did You Knows– I bet you didn’t know I traveled over a glacier in the Himalayas. I didn’t expect that sort of adventure myself. Interesting things like this will give you behind the scenes access to the creator of Gneiss Life (Dennis), and other interesting tid-bits of knowledge.
  3. Large Giveaways – We established themed giveaways that are based on themed subjects.  You never know if a new pair of shoes will find your feet.
  4. Community – We are building a community, we want you to be part of it. If you are a parent, scientist, child, cool individual or just you. We want to know you.
  5. Personal Access– You will have access to my phone number and the Gneiss Life email, granting you personal engagement. This is valuable when you consider questions that may arise during challenges; your personal questions; or just getting to know me better.



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