Gneiss Life does include getting your hands dirty.

Interested in cost saving DIY projects around the home, car, yard and in life?

If so, you are in the right place.

I hate paying for things I could of done myself. I say that as hardwood floors are currently being installed by some awesome gentlemen (I took the carpet out though, #backpat) in my living room.  <<<<— That was a prime example of a typing contradiction.

Listen, we all have levels of comfort when doing DIY projects, and mine wasn’t on the level to jack up any of that good wood without seeing the process first hand. However, I will be doing the next hardwood project. Why? I watch these guys extensively, saw there process, and how the critically thought through the layout of my living room. Interestingly, I have three boxes of wood left over, which sucks, but a flight of steps? Perhaps, I can make some magic work. Also, I am not up to bending over that much, can we say back pain together? Enough with that.

Gneiss Life DIY

I will post DIY projects in this section. Some will be awesome, some will just help you through the steps. No matter what, the point will be to educate and avoid common pitfalls. Therefore, this is a process driven section because I want you to clearly grasp concepts. You have the intellect to tackle these DIY projects. So, developing a baseline is key. When you do, share your success and your hurdles. Good luck and remember to subscribe, comment and become active. I look forward to our interactions.

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