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Entertainment is awesome in its many varieties. From a podcast to a indie rock album, we all like to be entertained. Here we can do that while feeling welcomed. Lets share good music, movies, and other gems so that we enrich ourselves.

Speaking of enriching, I remember the first time I heard Outkast. I was on a road trip to Denver, CO with my parents in 1996 when “Elevators” first came out. That song changed my who perspective on hip-hop. It was mellow. The lyrics were clever enough to wow an pre-teen and continue to wow me today. Profound respect for that group. Fast forward to the present and it is music bands like “Little Dragon” and “Phantogram” that really punch me in the sonic nerve. When I realized both collaborated with “Big Boi” from Outkast, I almost lost my lid. These are the things I enjoy about discovering new music. I hope you do as well with all things entertainment.

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