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I can’t imagine many things in life more important than family. Especially when it comes to… you know those with…. children. Man I love my little rugrats. Its just hitting me again that they will not be rugrats for that much longer. Okay give me a minute to let this tear well up.

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This is Anthony Anderson….not me guys lol

Okay I’m back. Like I was saying (wipes nose). My kids bring me so much joy. My wife completes me. With them I truly feel whole. I know as a parent and a husband I don’t have it all figured out. Somethings I do great, somethings not so much. I’m here to share them and interact with you. That is what the Family section is all about. Defining, experiencing and doing the things that make family life so awesome.

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A Little Rain Never Hurt: Take Your Kids Outside No Matter What

Falling in Love with Autumn Recently fall has cast down on the Pittsburgh region like an anvil in search of Wile E. Coyote, it has come fast and unrelenting. With it comes the changes we Read more…

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The Coolest Daddy Bucket List: The Awesome Before High School Pt. 1

Get To It: The Coolest Daddy Bucket List New experiences are assets that you really can’t put a value on. It’s like that first time you get smoked seaside cheddar or the first sip of Read more…

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Never afraid, Jerome Hood is a silent wanderlust living life with his heart

This installment of the “Dad’n It” Series is a gentleman with a drive. He is the father of one and has recently proposed to that pretty little girl’s mother. I’ve known them both for some time Read more…

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Be a male feminist: with your ears, heart, and soul to champion women

After reading this, be empathetic to the situations of others. I want you to consider their experiences, their downfalls, their vulnerabilities, and most importantly their humanity. You should be able to see women for more Read more…

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Helping lives after the awful Hurricane Harvey, he’s dad’n it for the culture

  RANCHITO Jake D, how are you doing?  How is life on the Ranchito (name of Jake’s property)? I am doing really well these days. I am about to start a new job as a Read more…

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Dad’n It: Les Young on being a father, coach, and what feeds his mind

This is an exchange with a wonderful man from the world of coaching. Hopefully, after reading this you will see the special qualities from a “Guy from the Caribbean”. Subscribe on the side bar and let Read more…

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How Disney’s Moana Can Help You Kick “The Kindergarten Blues”

Kids get older, cranky, wiser, and at times apocalyptic headaches. It’s just a law of nature. Adjusting to that requires the heart of Jon Snow. As we enter into Kindergarten Season, many parents will get Read more…

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Thank You… so So SO MUCH

I Just Want to Say Thanks! Our Anniversary I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. Support of our love has been tremendous. My intentions were to confess the ongoing love I have to my Read more…

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Meet Chief: The Biggest Small Guy from Steele City

“Chief”: The Youngest I placed the burden on him to be a great leader, friend, father ..a Chief The Little Man Little Chief. Hands down this is my guy. He has an old … bad Read more…

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Meet YaYa: The Headstrong Silly Billy from the Bayou

“Ya Ya”: The Oldest The nickname donned by her little brother (Chief) since he had trouble pronouncing her real name. Oh goodness, where do we start with this lady? I say, lady because the sass Read more…

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