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  • Yeah my gym just got a ghost payment (didn’t attend, but paid to)

  • Yeah I ate too much empty calories today (health smealth)

  • Not anymore

Health! Yeah okay, how many times have we experienced it. Eating past your intended limit. Feeling guilty (or not lol) about it. I have. Sometimes I still grab a dough nut because it was strategically place in my line of sight from the coffee at the convenience store. Instead of looking down like a good lad, awkwardly I shuffle over, resisting the urge to raise my hand to open the door to the dough nut stand. Suddenly, I black out, later waking to the crumbs of glazed sugar on my trousers.

I realize that this doesn’t happen every day and cheer myself up. I black out again, but this time when I wake up, grandma cookie crumbs are stuck in my beard and my breath reeks of sweet peanut butter.

Yeah I lost the battle today, however there is a war waging on between my bodies efficient system and what I feed it. I will win more battles. Will work out more. I will play with those kiddos daily. Most importantly, I will love myself. Guess what, you will too. This section is about Health and Fitness. Lookout for exercises, recipes, ideas and more. Share and subscribe to the site to keep up with the updates.

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