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“Chief”: The Youngest

I placed the burden on him to be a great leader, friend, father ..a Chief

The Little Man

Little Chief. Hands down this is my guy. He has an old … bad soul. We are still figuring this kid out. I love everything about him. Singing is one of them. I think he took after me on that because we both love to cut a note from the vocal chords. He is so lovable. Each morning he is the resident alarm clock. Making his way into our room, he hops in the bed with his sweet little self, and just lays with my wife and I. Sometimes he’ll go back to sleep while other times he’ll just whisper to us and play with his toes. But when he is hungry!!! All he sees is RED!!!

I’m Hungry

Man, this guy can eat, and when he does he does so like the cookie monster. We have to constantly remind him to take smaller bites and to not stuff food in his mouth. He is still mastering the use of utensils but for the most part, can hold his own when it comes to eating with them. He is missing the delicate touch. Like most rudimentary skills, he’ll grasp them.

Always learning

Technically still a toddler, he has advanced well. We love the words and sentence structures he uses and we are routinely surprised by them. He loves to play with the kids at his daycare and we appreciate all they do for him there. They are really adding to the enrichment we like to expose him to as parents.

Sibling Love

One of the greatest things to see from him is how much he loves his sister. Yes the bicker back and forth all the time, but all he wants to do is be in her company. When I pick him up from daycare, he asks “Where is Ya Ya?”. It makes my heart melt. Reminds me of the time they experienced Rakhi

FAVORITE SONGS: Happy – Pharrell Williams, Get Lucky – Daft Punk, Despicable Me Soundtrack, Moana Soundtrack

FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: Legos, reading, singing, going to the playground

Mr. Chief has a bright future, stay tuned for more adventures involving this young man.


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