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“Ya Ya”: The Oldest

The nickname donned by her little brother (Chief) since he had trouble pronouncing her real name.

Oh goodness, where do we start with this lady? I say, lady because the sass factor she has at her disposal will turn an old woman away. I often say she is sweet and sour. That assessment comes because at times she is the sweetest girl on this earth, then if you make her mad…she will definitely let you know about yourself…with brutal honesty.

The Bayou

Ya Ya came to bless our family when we lived in Baton Rouge Louisiana when my wife and I were in graduate school. From the start, she was a sweet and sour joy, and from the start, we knew we had a trailblazer. Geez, she was ready to trip around with her parents from the start. Whether to a beach, canoeing or walking a pleasant park, she was always game.

Growing up

Through the years we have been very proud of her growth as a child. Like I mentioned she is very sweet. She is able to gauge when people need things and is quick to help them out when she can. At a very young age, she mastered motor skills pretty quickly. I must admit I think I was overbearing in the beginning, but you know…parenting is a learning experience. I’m proud how quickly writing, eating and building crafts came to her. I remember the first time I took her snowboarding. I was extremely impressed and proud of how well she grasped things. She did better than I did when I started at 18.  I think she is pretentious–time will tell.

Moving forward

She is five now and will be starting Kindergarten real soon. The time is flying and it is sort of sad. To remedy the sorrow, I will document all that I can about my kids and their growth. I appreciate you taking the time to learn a little about Ya Ya. You will see her often, perhaps you will feel you know her a little more as she is featured on Gneiss Life with Chief.

FAVORITE MUSIC: Janelle Monae, Diamonds- Rihanna, Moana Soundtrack, Frozen Soundtrack

FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: Running, photography, coloring, reading, hiking, swimming, snowboarding

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Christopher · August 25, 2017 at 3:18 AM

After reading your post about Yaya, it makes me want to capture more moments on paper or in picture form of my little ones. Courtney (my wife) always gets on me about not taking enough pictures. That’s a personal goal of mine. I don’t want to look up and my children are 30 and I have no pictures of them ?.

I also think it’s a coincedence that you wrote this piece on my oldest son’s bday. Tamahri turned 9 on August 15th. Time flies bro!

    Dr. Gneiss Guy · August 25, 2017 at 7:20 AM

    I’m realizing more and more how much time flies myself. That was the main motivation for me writing this piece on anxiety when your child goes to kindergarten.

    9 years? I can only imagine what I’ll feel like when my children are older. Listen to Courtney, I have so many pictures in digital form. However, I have to do a better job at getting them printed (at least the important ones). I want to hear back from you on how this is going.

Moeflowz · August 25, 2017 at 3:44 PM

This is great stuff. Wish I would have thought of something like this ……

    Dr. Gneiss Guy · August 25, 2017 at 3:49 PM


    Thanks for the support. You can always start something. I’m sure what ever you’re passionate about there is space for it to be shared and loved by many.

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