Kids get older, cranky, wiser, and at times apocalyptic headaches. It’s just a law of nature. Adjusting to that requires the heart of Jon Snow. As we enter into Kindergarten Season, many parents will get the Kindergarten Blues. You know, the sadness you get seeing your kid blossom right in front of you, minus B.B. King. There is help however so don’t charge up your kleenex bill yet. If you watch Disney’s Moana, it can position you to kick the Kindergarten Blues in its derriere.  

Side note: The Soundtrack is Awesome…at least the non-behind the scenes parts. Check for “Where You Are”, “You’re Welcome”, and my favorite “Shiny” 


So here we are. That time of year when school starts and the kids get to get out of our hair for a bit right? Yes, that is exactly the time of year we are in. School shopping, making new friends, a new cycle of activities to engage in. Awesome time huh? So why am I a little sad inside knowing that my daughter (YaYa). is growing up so fast? I mean it seems like yesterday I was holding her little body in my arms. Where did this little girl go? I even got to the point that I allowed frustration to seep in when she became too independent. Then I realized something reflecting on Disney’s Moana movie as I was listening to the soundtrack with my kids. (I swear I’ve seen that movie around 8 times now). Kudos to Netflix.

How will Moana help me kick the Kindergarten Blues?

Without spoiling all the enjoyment, I will give you a brief summary about this wonderful Disney film.

Based on a Polynesian island, this is a tale of a royal girl by the name of Moana who is tasked with one day leading her people. Against the wishes of her father, she sails the open ocean on an adventure that leads her to new friends, adversaries, and most importantly internal growth. She brings back her experience and wisdom to her people and motivates them to inspire for more. Leaving nothing but pride in her father’s eyes.

YaYa is a spark

Like it or not my baby is growing up. This is the same realization that Moana’s father had to have in the movie.  I have to accept that she will be a slick mouth teen one day. I say that because she is a slick mouth kid at times. That isn’t an exaggeration either. She gets the fury in her every once in a while. However like Moana, its due to her nature and her urge to shine through. She wants to be heard and validated because she is older and is wiser.  I know it will be a great characteristic for her to polish in the future, especially when boys start coming around! Shoot, the way she bosses her brother around tells me she’ll handle herself very well (I should probably enroll her in martial arts classes in the near future).

Embrace The “K”

This year will be one to document. Similar to Moana, there are many new experiences in front of YaYa. We want her to cope with new emotions and new people. It is a little scary because she will be on her own more, exposed. I may be overreacting, time will tell on that one, but part of me is excited for her. For the same reasons I’m afraid and sad, but it’s her experiences to … well… experience. I know for me experiences are everything. Sheltering has never helped anyone. Preparation has. That’s the trick right? Prepare her to handle all the situations she will meet intellectually and emotionally.

How Moana helped me

Watching Moana has helped me here. I look back on my life and the potholes I’ve driven over and it’s only natural for me to want YaYa to keep her wheels neat. However, she is an individual. I will guide her where and give her the space to make mistakes, chart her own path you know (tear fighting currently). Like I mentioned, let her have those experiences. I just want to always be there for her to share them with me.

My wife took her school shopping recently and that brought fond memories of when I used to go as a child. I really do think she will have a blast this year and for that, I must submit to her joy and not my concerns. The feeling set in more as I spent time with her in recent days, shooting pictures, studying, and going on hikes with her. She is special and I need to get out the way sometimes.

YaYa I love you, baby, I know your loving yet strong spirit will guide you correctly.

It’s time to let go a little

So if you’re in this bluesy boat, catch a wind of hope. Watch Moana, intently. To help,  follow and answer the questions of this downloadable Moana Quiz. It should help guide your thoughts after the movie.

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Once you finish the movie and the quiz, I’m sure you will come across better feelings about your child’s transition into kindergarten and in life.

Are you dealing with the Kindergarten Blues? If you overcame them, share something you did to trust in your child’s growth? Share something you did that made you feel better. Do so in the comments below.



Yusuf · August 25, 2017 at 4:04 PM

Good read, I’ve watched Moana countless times for similar reasons (Netflix) and didn’t realize the parenting lessons the movie contained.

Reese Peterson · August 25, 2017 at 7:40 PM

I love the male perspective of letting go and letting your baby girl learn to flap her wings. I know for mothers, who are naturally emotional, it’s hard and we have anxiety about this whole process. Thank you for sharing your softer side.

Moana is a great movie and I love that it shows the stronger personality types we as females are often shamed for. It’s real and should not be treated as a problem because it makes us equipped for certain situations and careers in the future. We just have to learn how to use it in a productive manner.

Here to tell you…as they get older, it doesn’t become any easier but I have learned to deal with it better just trusting that all that has been sowed into them will turn into beautiful beings that are strong enough to weather any storm that comes.

You’re doing a great job!

    Dr. Gneiss Guy · August 26, 2017 at 8:37 PM

    Thanks for the comment. You are right about the need for strong female personalities. The movie does an awesome job of highlighting this. I think every parent with a daughter should watch the movie. If they have a son, he should see that strong females should be normalized. Thank you for your engagement and support.

Maiesha · August 29, 2017 at 7:21 PM

Great article! I absolutely love the Movie and never really thought about the lesson in the movie! I will admit letting go of the thought of my eldest’s reaction to independency and starting a new school without her younger sister scares me because of her sensitivity. Also the fact that they have always been together at daycares/ pre-k. I will def be letting her experience run its course and try not, in her view, save the day. Your perspective in the process was reassuring!

    Dr. Gneiss Guy · August 30, 2017 at 10:25 AM

    That is hard to put forth that separation. Yaya and Chief just recently started attending different daycares in the summer and both were unhappy about the separation. However, each needed something special that the separate daycares provided. Thanks for reading and sharing your experience. I hope that you for one will take the experience well when they enter into kindergarten.

NaNa · September 6, 2017 at 11:50 PM

Roles are just that, they are “roles” we play. Sometimes we slip into them quietly. Other times we are feriously and fight tooth and nail. There is however, a lot to be said for the people who, “get us.” Those who see us for who we are and neither approve, or disapprove of us. These people choose to “accept” us for who and what we are and embrace all the potential of who we can become and nurture that in us. They choose to bless us with the acknowledgement of acceptance, which allows us to find ourselves and become. As a daughter, woman, auntie wife, mother and grandmother it’s been a true blessing to have been nurtured and to nurture in this way. I have been accepted and learned how to accept, all the while becoming and watching others become. This dance party s called life. This rhythm is beautiful it you dance to your own music and allow others to dance to theirs. Just know, every-now-and-then if your lucky, you’ll find that you’re dance to the same beat. That’s the beat of your hearts! ( The grandmothers wisdom)

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