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The time to travel away is….all the time.

I remember this airline left my luggage on a previous flight. I didn’t mind too much because I was away. This was this time I went to a conference in San Francisco. I never been there before and I wanted to take it all in. Plus I had my carry on and laptop which is basically what nerdy ole me needed at the time. I was on travel time.

Being away…that is the dose of medicine most of us need to unload …..well… the world. Every year my wife and I plan a trip to travel away. I remember the first time I had to prepare to go abroad and it was a little intimidating. You may be feeling the same way planning a trip of your own. Don’t be. That is why this little corner of the site exist. To share, help, and explore all things “vacay”. So if you have any concerns, lock in and stay active.

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